2. Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to make the highest quality luxury vegan handbags. To design them based off the lives of inspiring women, to manufacture them with a conscience, and to price them affordably, because every woman deserves a bag that makes her feel special.

Getting there, however, takes a lot of work and trusting others. As a naturally impatient person accustomed to doing everything by herself on her own timeline, this was a hard pill to swallow.

I went from action-oriented, incredibly high energy, pumped-to-make-this-happen mode to waiting. 


Waiting on material samples, waiting to hear back from designers I had messaged, waiting on factories to make samples that should have been finished weeks ago, and waiting on team decisions to be made and approved. Waiting, and being incredibly disappointed when things didn’t pan out the way I expected.

But that’s what it takes to truly make a product worthy of you. We’re taking this slow because we want each step to be perfect, even if that means making tough decisions like scrapping entire months of work to start from square one. Investing time, energy, and money to look for a different material, to find a different designer, to scout for a new factory.

It’s never easy building a company, but it’s really hard building it the way you envision in your head. Without compromises, without cutting corners, without harming animals, humans, or the earth, and always telling the whole story even when no one’s listening.

It’s committing yourself entirely to something for months. Something that could potentially fail. Something that you can only hope others will see the intention and thought behind. 

Freja means love, and we’re putting so much love into every decision (and bag) we make. I’m so proud of our team and trusting the process, even when it completely belly flops.

It’s truly a labor of love, but the journey is also what keeps us going. Here’s to 6am mornings that stretch into 1am late nights, taking 10 flights in 2 weeks to visit suppliers and factories, and learning patience even though I’m so impatient to show you what we have in store.

For all the women who relentlessly pursue their dreams – we want to be a part of your story.

Freja. We create special handbags, but stand for so much more. 

Jetlagged Jenny

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