#myessentials with Peiki Lau

Peiki Lau | Luxury Consultant

“For me, clothing is not only a necessity, it is a statement of personality and taste, and an investment.”

I come from a family who loves high-end fashion brands. Through understanding the history and heritage of designer brands, I have come to appreciate the true value of clothing. For me, clothing is not only a necessity, it is a statement of personality and taste, and an investment. Although designer clothing is expensive, it is also gorgeous, luxurious, and made to last a lifetime. My passion for designer is what lead me (and my sister) to the luxury consulting industry. My sister has a business where she consults clients about personal style, and I’m helping her with the business for a few years. 

I was born in China but studied in the U.K. I dress like a city girl, but I chose to live in a small, sleepy town in the United Kingdom because I actually prefer countryside vibes. I enjoy quiet, friendly, and peaceful environments. 

I have had this mini Lady Dior bag for about 4 months. I purchased this while I was traveling in France – I couldn’t walk away from this beautiful, classic silhouette and light blue hue! It’s such a unique color, and I love how it elevates my outfits. I usually gravitate towards black bags, but this color just makes me feel so elegant. I love buying bags in store, so I can personally see and feel the quality and size. I love to shop in Europe, since the options are plentiful and prices are often lower than other countries. 

Since I own a lot of bags, I’ve only worn this bag twice since I bought it. I usually keep it in its original box, and it feels like my birthday whenever I open it! I’m so in love with this bag, but I wish the color didn’t show scratches and imperfections so easily. I guess that’s what I get for buying a light blue bag! 

Essential items:

Lip balm 

This Lamer lip balm is a must have! It’s moisturizing but not sticky, and I reapply throughout the day. 


It’s a must item I carry along with the lip balm. Because I have a light lip color, I always carry a lipstick to complete my look. 

Card case

Because I like to rotate between carrying my smaller bags, I like to keep a few cards in my card case.


I never know how long I’m going to be out for, and I like to be prepared! 

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